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Popular Locations

The most popular locations to hire campervans in the UK.

popular places to hire in the UK

This page lists some of the most popular locations for hiring campervans in the UK. Simply click on each image or title to go through to a page giving even more information about each area. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration and an idea of some of the most popular areas to explore in the United Kingdom from.

The center of London with a traditional red London bus


London - the UK's capital city and the undisputed (at least by Londoners) political, economic and cultural heart of the country is also unsurprisingly also the most popular place to hire a campervan. Of course, this will generally be due to the fact that many visitors start their trip in London as they feed into Heathrow Airport, which is Europe's largest airport (and the third largest airport in the world). London itself is a fantastic base to begin your journey across the United Kingdom, although with its comparative lack of scenery and natural spaces (as with any other large city) it is unlikely that you will be actually living in your campervan within the city.

However, because London has such an abundance of camepervan hire companies it is the clear favorite when both comparing and picking up your vehicle. Rememeber than campervan rental companies will often charge an excess if you drop the vehicle off at a different site from which you picked it up from, so picking the vehicle up from a London airport or depot is a wise choice.

A stone bridge over a river in Wales


With stunning natural scenery and a culture that is similar yet also slightly distinct from the UK, Wales makes a superb choice when it comes to hiring a campervan. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to national parks and locations to undertake hikes and walks; Wales contains the famous national parks and attractions of the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and the Gower Peninsula amongst many others. You will be able to enjoy beautiful waterfalls, sandy beaches and the UK's best mountain ranges, and fortunately campers in Wales are spoilt for choice with an abundant network of campsites and other locations to park your vehicle overnight.

The Yorkshire Dales


Yorkshire, in the North of the UK, is full of wonderful places to visit, and contains plentiful cities with a rich history, especially if you are interested in the War of the Roses and Yorkshire's past as a wealthy and powerful county driven by agriculture and Victorian industry.

The city of York should be near the top of any list of things to do in Yorkshire, as this ancient and walled city (which was established by the Romans) has wonderful architecture that has grown over the previous two thousand years. Moreover, if you visit Yorkshire a trip to the Yorkshire Dales should be on the cards too, as you don't want to miss out on the stunning natural cave systems and unique geology of this famous part of the county.

A canal in Kent


Kent is a vibrant and wealthy part of the UK, yet as with much of rest of the country it also contains a great deal of history. Part of this is due to Kent's religious significance as the home of the famous city of Canterbury and the associated cathedral, museums, pilgrimages and so on. Moreover, the stunning Hever Castle remains as popular as ever, with the former home of Anne Boleyn containing fascinating examples of 13th Century architecture, intriguing mazes and beautiful gardens. The White Cliffs of Dover should also not be missed, and are well served by nearby campsites and parks that let you leave your camper and explore the area.

Fishing boats in a seaside Cornish village


The large county of Cornwall is a fantastic place to explore in a campervan, as it has such an abundance of natural features. With a very large range of campsites and places to stay, you will never be far from a natural attraction and should have no trouble finding somewhere to stay for the night.

The Jurassic Coast at the tip of Cornwall is one of the best places to visit if you are keen on natural beauty and hikes, with the famous South West Coast Path running across this part of the county. Moreover, you can visit the Minack Theatre, the fabulous beach and village of Porthcurno, as well as, of course, Lands End.

A nighttime view over the river Clyde in Glasgow


The largest city in Scotland, though itself not the capital of the country, makes for a brilliant place to hire a campervan and begin your journey. Glasgow is spoilt by its fantastic nightlife and restaurants, and definitely appeals to the hedonists and those who want to enjoy their time in this vibrant city! It is also well served by museums, Victorian architecture and shopping.

Of course, one of the best things about flying into Glasgow and renting your vehicle there is that you are only a short drive from the highlands and national parks of Scotland. So why not use Glasgow as a base to explore the highlands and the rest of Scotland, before returning your vehicle to one of our providers in the city to save on costs?

Manchester town centre


Manchester, with its vibrant nightlife and rich music culture, makes for a superb place to begin your trip in the UK. Visit Curry Mile and have a drink in the busy and historic pubs of the city. Then, when you have hired your campervan, you can leave the city and head into the nearby Peak District National Park. With plentiful locations to park your vehicle and stay overnight, as well as outstanding trails and wildlife, both the Peak District (which, it should be noted, is UK's first ever National Park) is sure to delight just as much as the city of Manchester itself.

A traditional highland cow near Edinburgh


Scotland's political and cultural capital is full of history and natural attractions. A fantastic city to visit all year round, the city really comes to life in August when Edinburgh hosts the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world's largest Arts festival. Coupled with the pleasant summer weather, visitors will be treated to an incredibly diverse range of shows, music, comedy, food and more. Whenever you visit, you should also make sure that you experience Edinburgh Castle; this historic fortress has dominated the city and the skyline for many hundreds of years.

Edinburgh is also not far from the highlands and the rich National Parks of Scotland; with your campervan you can use Edinburgh as a base to explore these wonderful areas, ensuring your trip is filled with both the nature and the culture of Scotland.

A traditional church on the outskirts of Bristol


Bristol is becoming a more and more popular place to find a campervan - campervan hire Bristol is, in our opinion, one of the best places to start for any UK road trip. With fantastic natural locations all around this very outdoor-focussed city, you’re sure to find wonderful places to park up and enjoy your campervan and soak in the great nature and culture found in this unique and fiercely independent part of the UK.

Bristol itself has a huge amount to see and do too, so make sure you see as much of the city as possible whilst you come to pick up your campervan. Everything from graffiti tours to the Hugh quality food scene to world-famous landmarks like the Clifton Suspension Bridge and SS Great Britain should all be experienced before you leave the city!

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