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Devon motorhomes

Hiring a motorhome in Devon

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Hire a motorhome in Devon

Welcome to our page about motorhome hire and rentals in Devon - is the place to go for UK motorhomes. We help you to compare from thousands of motorhome providers across the country, ensuring that you get the best possible deals and best vehicles, which ultimately makes your RV holiday cheaper and more enjoyable! To search for motorhomes in Devon, or across the rest of the UK, simply enter the location in the search box above, as well as some details about you and the dates you want to hire the vehicle for, and let our sophisticated searching software do the rest! Note that you can also book your vehicle through our site, so no more emailing or calling provers to book. We are the one stop shop for Devon motorhomes.

Why Devon?

Devon is a wonderful place to visit as part of any trip within the UK. This historic and beautiful county has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and with stunning beaches to both the north and the south is a brilliant location to visit if you fancy seeing some of the British coastline. Full of quant little fishing villages and rural scenery, Devon is perfect for the kind of motorhome holiday that involves really getting away from everything and enjoying nature at its best. And if you visit in summer, as most people do, you're likely to be treated to some of the best weather the UK has to offer, as Devon's southerly location ensures a steady supply of that most rare of British commodities, sunlight! What's more, Devon also contains the famous Dartmoor National Park, which offers great opportunities for devon campers to enjoy wild camping and various types of hikes.

The History of Devon

Devon is a historic region of the UK which has been occupied by humans for around 40,000 years. Its name is derived from the tribes of Britons who lived in the area at the time of Roman occupation, which is the Celtic term for “deep valley dwellers”. The area has traditionally depended on fishing, mining and farming as a way to sustain its economy, however with the decline of these traditional industries Devon has become one of the poorer and more deprived regions in the South West of the UK. Nevertheless, Devon is currently experiencing something of a renaissance, as the high quality of life, pleasant weather and beautiful scenery begin to draw people back in. The growth of occupations that are location independent, and specifically the growth of tourism, are leading to a gradual movement of industries back into the area. Devon is also doing well from new adventurous activities like camping, watersports, surfing and cycling. Overall, Devon has a higher than average proportion of elderly and retired people living in the county, as it is seen as a pleasant place to retire.

Things to do

Here, in no particular order, we present a list of things to do in Devon, as part of your motorhome holiday. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive, however it simply reflects some of the most popular things to do in the county and those which appealed to the author. However, one of the best things about hiring a motorhome in Devon is the opportunity to explore Devon at your own pace – you are no longer tied to the schedules imposed by your accommodation or tour providers. With that our the way, let's begin the list:

Hire a Devon motorhome now!

We hope this short article has inspired you to rent a motorhome and take a holiday in Devon. Overall, the stunning scenery, beaches and National Parks of Devon make this county a superb place to visit in a rented vehicle. Begin your search now at, the best site for Devon motorhomes!