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We are specialists for online motorhome rental in the uk. We allow users to hire a broad range of leisure vehicles, and motorhomes are of course one of the most popular.

A motorhome near mountains on a empty road

The difference between a campervan and a motorhome is, as you might imagine blurred, but generally motorhomes are larger and better equipped, better suited to extended periods in the wilderness and with more advanced cooking facilities and so on. Many campervans are build from van bodies, whereas motorhomes are more likely to come from bodies designed explicitly for these large leisure vehicles.

Of course, this comes with a few cons as well, as motorhomes are certainly harder to drive, more expensive to hire, and because of their large size they are more prone to getting stuck on small roads and in poor weather conditions.

Motorhome rental is becoming more and more popular as people discover this incredible way to explore the country! Enter your details in the search box to find a motorhome for rent now.

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The best places to hire motorhomes

Here we list some of the best and most popular places to hire a motorhome in the UK, as searched for by our visitors, including motorhomes to hire Scotland. If you click on the image, link or title for a location you will be taken to a unique page which reveals far more about the location itself. We hope you can take some ideas and inspiration from these places for your UK motorhome holiday.

The center of London with a traditional red London bus


London is our most popular site for motorhome hire. Because of the strong transport links enjoyed by the capital, most international visitors begin their holiday in London, often due to the fact that they arrived at one of the many large airpots that serve the city: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead, London City and London Southend. This number of airports, combined with significant rail and bus terminals, means that both national and international tourists are almost certain to pass through London at some point in their journey. has motorhome hire London sites at all the major airports and train stations, and the competitive nature of vehicle rentals in the city ensures that you are likely to get the best prices by starting your motorhome journey from London.

A chaffinch resting on a fence


Devon is a wonderful place to hire a motorhome. A real 'get away from everything and switch off' type of location, you'll be able to see lots of scenery, beaches and even go hiking in impressive national parks. Moreover, the weather in the county is generally very good, at least by UK standards, and if you visit in the summer you should be treated to plenty of glorious sunshine.

The small and rustic fishing villages of Devon are brilliant places to grab a bite to eat and take it all in, and if you fancy a spot of shopping and sightseeing then the Roman city of Exeter is always within driving distance. Hire a motorhome in Devon, head down the M5 (which is the main road into the county and probably the one best suited to larger vehicles), and enjoy this remote and wild place.

A winding river across a evening landscape

Luxury motorhome hire Yorkshire

Yorkshire is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, and in fact should be considered something of a hidden gem. One of the best ways to see Yorkshire is through luxury motorhome hire Yorkshire.

A luxury motorhome is sure to turn heads in Yorkshire, but it comes with plenty of other benefits too. Lucy motorhome will be spacious, comfortable and superbly well equipped. It truly is a home away from home, and allows you to explore Yorkshire in style.

The sea raging on the wild Scottish coast

Hire of motorhomes in Scotland

We also see more and more customers visiting our website looking for the hire of motorhomes in Scotland. There are a number of brilliant places to hire a motorhome in Scotland, with most tending to be around major transport hubs like airpots. Glasgow and Edinburgh therefore definitely lead as our most popular hire locations.

Scotland has such a lot to see and do in a motorhome that you’re spoilt for choice: the Highlands and Islands, whisky tours, cultural cities, surprisingly beautiful beaches and far far more are all top attractions as chosen by our visitors. Bonus: we can also assist with topics like pet friendly motorhome hire Scotland and nc500 campervan hire Glasgow, so check out some of those links to read more!

A rugged highland peninsula as you travel out of Glasgow

Luxury motorhome hire Glasgow

When hiring a luxury motorhome in Scotland, it is well worth looking at luxury motorhome hire in Glasgow. This is because Glasgow contains one of Scotland’s largest motorhome hire ranges, so you’re much more likely to find the high quality and comfortable vehicle that you’re after.

Glasgow is also one of the best entry points into the Highlands and Islands, which is where most motorhomes come into their own anyway. Take a look for luxury motorhome hire Glasgow now by heading to the top of the page and inputting one of the Glasgow hire sites - generally Glasgow itself, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

A wet dog enjoying a holiday with its owners

Pet friendly motorhome hire Scotland

Moreover, we see more and more people wanting to travel in a motorhome with their pets. In fact, this forms one of the many advantages of hiring a motorhome, as unlike other holidays where you have to fly or stay in a hotel, travelling with your pet is simple in a motorhome. No more leaving your pets behind, or having to deal with onerous quarantine and other restrictions when taking them abroad.

We allow you to sort for pet friendly motorhome hire Scotland using our advanced filters. You can filter the list of results that are shown for any location to find only motorhomes that are pet friendly - and the number available might surprise you!

The remains of a ruined Scottish castle near a mountain range

Central Scotland Motorhome Hire

We recommend Central Scotland as one of the best places to hire a motorhome. Centrally located (the name gives it away really!), you can get to other parts of Scotland easily, be they large cities, the incredible Scottish Highlands, or the major roads going further north or south.

Find Central Scotland motorhome hire now, and read more about some of the benefits of hiring a motorhome in this superbly located and historic part of the country.

A remote Scottish castle in a loch

Luxury Motorhome Hire Scotland

We stock a wide range of motorhomes, and of these, luxury motorhomes are growing in popularity every day. Find a luxury motorhome to hire in Scotland here, and enjoy a comfortable, high class holiday that is also sure to turn some heads at the various campsites and other locations you stay at. You'll find that luxury motorhomes can be surprisingly affordable too, although they are in high demand, so start your search now, so you don't miss out!

The three sisters, a famous Scottish landmark

Motorhome Hire for the North Coast 500

The NC500 (otherwise known as the North Coast 500) is growing massively in popularity, and motorhomes are becoming one of the most common ways to experience a trip around this wild and powerful part of the world. With highlands, glens, mountains and the Atlantic Ocean always to your left, you're sure to have an unforgettable trip and experience the best in natural beauty that this special country has to offer.

Search for motorhome hire for the North Coast 500 now, and begin your unforgettable trip!

A river in West Yorkshire, perfect for boating on if you fancy a short excursion

Motorhome Hire West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire motorhome hire allows you to travel across both this incredible, ancient and beautiful part of the world, but also the rest of the country too, due to West Yorkshire's favourable location near the middle of the country. West Yorkshire is full of plenty of historic attractions and attractive villages, and also boasts a startlingly diverse range of world-class art exhibits.

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