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London motorhomes

Hiring a motorhome in London

A vista across London

London - the UK's capital

You're in the right place for Motorhome hire London. The Royal Family, Big Ben, the tube, the Rolling Stones - whatever immediate connotations it conjures, it’s undeniable that London is an extraordinary hub of culture, creativity and rich history. If you’re interested in hiring a motorhome to kick-start your holiday, where better to do so than the UK’s capital?

How do I hire a motorhome in London?

Motorhome Hire London is easy with, the modern way to search and compare motor homes throughout the UK. By integrating the most prominent motorhome rental companies into one simple-to-use website, gives you full access to the best prices available on the market and an extensive collection of vehicle options and features. As an international tourist destination, airports, train stations and even ferry connections are aplenty in London; the city affords a wide-ranging choice of travel options from which to hire a motorhome in the city.

This website offers a thorough selection of pick up points throughout London. The most popular locations for motorhome hire London include:

The neighboring towns of Luton and Milton Keynes are also a viable option if you are travelling by rail. Due to its size and popularity, London retains a highly competitive motorhome hire market, which means you are much better placed to secure a good deal in the city compared to other locations. So regardless of whether you intend to use Britain’s capital as a base before embarking across the country, or you wish to stay longer and explore its treasure trove of attractions, you can rest assured that you’ll be saving money by hiring a motorhome in London.

A brief history of London

It is thanks to the Romans that London, the city in which you're looking to hire your motorhome, exists today. Following the Roman Conquest of Britain in around AD 43, the invaders identified a potentially promising patch of marsh land along the Thames estuary. During this time, the river was deep enough to allow ships to travel to and from the coast, making it an ideal location for trade. It is a longstanding belief that the Roman army erected a bridge crossing close to modern day Westminster, but later replaced this with a more robust wooden bridge, remnants of which have been found just east of London Bridge. It is also believed that for the ensuing 1,600 years, the bridge was the only way to cross the River Thames.

Over the years the settlement - known as Londinium – continued to evolve and prosper and a system of roads linking the city to the port were constructed. The port itself effectively connected Britain to the rest of the Roman conquered territories which included most of Europe, the Middle East and the North African coastal region. As a result of the increased commerce opportunities, Londinium attracted foreign merchants and traders and from around AD 50 to 410, the settlement was the largest city in Roman Britannia, boasting an indispensable international port. Spanning new heights in its 2,000 year history, latter-day London is an amalgamation of the grand and the wonderful and is regarded as one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Not just motorhome hire London – here are some top things to do in the capital.

The city possesses an eclectic mix of attractions, entertainment and free activities that will leave you spoilt for choice. We would recommend checking out some of these attractions before you hire your motorhome in London. It would be impossible to list all the brilliant things to see and do in London, but we hope that the list below will whet your appetite.

Leisure and entertainment

Museums and art galleries

Open spaces


London and your motorhome adventures calling

Motorhome hire London gives you the freedom to move around at your leisure during your stay, as well as being a much cheaper option than a hotel. Whether it’s the first stop on your tour, or your main holiday location, London really is a superb place to hire a motorhome.

A riverside view right in the heart of London