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Our most popular campervan hire locations contain resources on campervan hire Bristol, campervan hire Wigan, campervan hire Inverness and many more popular locations.

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Find Campervans Online specializes in online campervan hire and rentals. We are unique in the UK in that we let you compare prices and vehicles from across a range of suppliers, including some of the biggest and best names in the business like Apollo Motorhomes, Bunk Campers, Just Go Motorhomes, Spaceships UK and more.

This means you should always be getting the cheapest price, as well as having a far larger range of vehicles to choose from. To start searching, you can always use the search box at the top of every page – it’s here that you enter some basic details about yourself and what you’re looking for, before seeing all the results we have to offer in your location.

We hope that we are able to make searching for campervans as easy as possible. Good luck!

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The growth of campervan holidays

Campervan holidays are a large and growing market in the UK. There are many reasons for this - for one, it’s a simple fact that more people are buying campervans and motorhomes privately. Indeed, campervans will soon become the most popular leisure vehicle for people to own, above others like motorcycles, caravans and so on.

And of course, the more people that own campervans, the more people that will want to make use of these fairly pricy vehicles by taking them out for a spin as often as possible.

Interestingly, many people actually come to our website to hire a vehicle as a way of testing a campervan they are thinking of buying. We think this is a very smart way of doing things, as you can be sure that you are actually enjoy living in and driving a campervan putting down some serious cash to buy the vehicle!

There are many other reasons for the growth in campervan holidays, another one being that campervan and motorhome holidays appeal more to older people with a bit of time on their hands, and Britain, with its aging population, certainly fits the bill here too. Also, COVID has led to a resurgence in ‘staycation’ style holidays due to all the challenges and restrictions around flying and visiting foreign countries that still persist, so hiring a campervan and simply enjoying all the UK has to offer has become far easier and more appealing.

Also, campervan trips are definitely better for the environment than flying to another country, and as a bonus allow you to really connect with nature as you’re likely to be camping right alongside it! Campervan vacations are certainly more geared to the great outdoors, as you’re not going to want to stay in a campervan in a city for that long.

There’s also no doubt that campervan holidays are one of the best ways to save money, as you are of course taking all your accommodation and transport with you whilst you travel. Similarly, you can actually cook very well in the vast majority of these vehicles too, which creates further savings vs eating out for every meal.

How Compare Campervan Hire can help you find campervans

At Compare Campervan Hire, we specialize in helping you to find campervans. We are one of the UK’s only campervan hire websites that allow you to search across a very wide range of providers, and this broad range of vehicles ensures that whatever trip you have planned should be possible. We even offer specialised campervan providers, for example those who supply NC500 campervan hire Glasglow, for your North Coast 500 adventure!

If you’re looking for anything from a two berth campervan right up to a seven berth motorhome, we have you covered. Many of the vehicles that we enable you to hire come with many fantastic options too, including air conditioning, toilets, showers, TVs and much more.

You can filter by a large number of these features, for example whether the vehicle is automatic or manual, whether it uses petrol or diesel and even if it is pet friendly or not (it is a sad reality that very few campervans can be hired to owners with pets).

Another way we help you to find campervans is that we allow you to book online without any need to speak to anyone, or have to send forms in etc. The whole process is online, so you can securely book from the comfort of your sofa, your morning commute or during your work lunch break.

You also don’t need to deal with any untrustworthy or unreliable suppliers, as we vet all suppliers and only use the most reputable and high quality partners.

To start your search, head to the top of the page and enter some details about the dates you want to hire, the number of people going and so on. We will then present you with a list of all available campervans, and from here you can filter further, and ultimately book when you’re ready.

The benefits of campervans

Campervans have a number of benefits over their larger cousins motorhomes. Mainly, these are around size - if you’re planning to visit some of the more out of the way locations which are accessed by narrow country roads, a campervan is the way to go.

Campervans are far less likely to get bogged down or stuck on very narrow lanes, and should just about fit in most passing places, which cannot be said for motorhomes.

Moreover, campervans are also far easier to drive for those people who are unused to driving a larger vehicle. They drive almost exactly like a van, which is not surprising as most modern campervans are build on a van body. With a normal amount of experience in driving a car, you should be able to pick the skills to drive a campervan no problem, which cannot be said for motorhomes.

Campervans are usually, but not always, cheaper to hire. And also, they almost always more affordable to run as well, as they take less fuel due to their reduced weight and more aerodynamic design.

The be balanced though, we should consider the disadvantages of campervans too. Firstly, they are certainly less well equipped than motorhomes in terms of additional extras like showers, cooking facilities and so on.

They are also less comfortable if being used for extended periods, for example they can be hard to stand up in and move about inside. So if you think you might fall foul of the great British weather, then a motorhome is the better option - with a campervan, you are more tied into the outside weather, since you’ll be spending more time outside.

Motorhomes are also more suitable if you have a large group of people, and also if you simply have more possessions with you that you need to store.

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