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Hire of motorhomes in Scotland

We are experts when it comes to the hire of motorhomes in Scotland.

A nighttime view out to the sea from inside a motorhome

Scotland is probably the best part of the UK to hire a motorhome in, although something of a well kept secret, as it does not get nearly as much attention as the higher profile locations in the south.

Still, Scotland has undoubtedly the best scenery, some of the friendliest people, and a surprisingly welcoming, vibrant and exciting culture to be found it and outside the major cities. Enjoy a more scenic and somewhat quieter trip with the hire of motorhomes in Scotland, sourced by using Compare Campervan Hire.

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It’s important to scout out the best prices when looking for the hire of motorhomes in Scotland. Our advanced systems compare a huge range of motorhome providers all across Scotland, to ensure you are always getting the best motorhome for your money.

Top Tips for hire of motorhomes in Scotland

Here are seven of the most important tips when it comes to the hire of motorhomes in Scotland:

Where can I hire a motorhome in Scotland?

Undoubtedly the best two places for the hire of motorhomes in Scotland are Edinburgh and Glasgow. This is because they have the most choice, the best prices and the greatest availability.

They are also well located, and give you access to all the wider parts of the country via the main roads.

Another benefit of Edinburgh and Glasgow as motorhome hire sites is that they let you hire from the airports. This is of course hugely handy for those who have flown to Scotland for their motorhome hire holiday, but also wonderful for people already in the country as well.

Airports generally have the best road and rail links of any part of a city, and the added benefit of being located quite far out of the centre. That means you can hire a motorhome in an airport without having to then drive out of the city on busy and complex roads. Instead, just hop onto one of the many nearby motorways and off you go!

We allow you to hire a motorhome from Edinburgh and Glasgow cities, and in terms of airports, we support the following: Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport. We also support the smaller site of Paisley, which is to be found close to Glasgow, just west from the city. The overall most popular place to hire a motorhome from in Scotland is Edinburgh Airport, so you’d be in good company if you choose that location.

How can we help with the hire of motorhomes in Scotland?

Our website is well placed to assist you with the hire of motorhomes in Scotland. This is because we have Scotland’s widest range of motorhome suppliers, as well as some of the best technology in the business.

You can hire a motorhome in Scotland all online, and 24/7 365 days of the year and in many cases with an instant confirmation. You also can filter by a huge range of criteria, such as dates the vehicle is available from, size (berth), engine type , gearstick type and much more.

One thing to think about to help you with the hire of motorhomes in Scotland is to check out the reviews of some of these motorhomes. Our website also functions as a review portal, so you can see what previous travellers think of these motorhomes and even sort by reviews (for example, only those vehicles with a rating of 90% or more).

One of the most popular ways we help you hire a motorhome in Scotland is of course by allowing you to set a price range. On the left of the results page, you’ll see a slider, and if you play with that you can search for more affordable or more expensive motorhomes.

Note that there is a global shortage of available motorhomes, so booking well in advance of your holiday is advised. That said, if you are flexible in terms of times and location, consider the ‘Deals’ button. This will show you all the best deals available on the platform at the time, and though they may not suit your plans, you might be able to pick up a bargain if you’re lucky!

Who can I hire motorhomes from?

We work with a number of companies who offer motorhome hire, with some big name brands supported. Some of the most popular are Apollo Motorhomes, Spaceship Rentals and Easi Campervans. As you travel Scotland in your motorhome, you’ll see many other rental vehicles from these companies.

Smaller companies are also available - although they may not be as easy to get to as they will likely not be found right in the centre of the big cities and airpots, they can work well if you are able to get to a more out of the way part of the country. They can be especially useful if the larger providers are all sold out, since you may be able to call or email and secure a last minute deal.

Simply start filling in your details on the form found at the top of any page on this site, and you can get a feel for the prices and availability of motorhomes in Scotland. We wish you the best of luck with the hire of motorhomes in Scotland, and we hope you enjoy your upcoming holiday.