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Motorhome Rental in UK

Our website makes finding motorhome rental in the UK a piece of cake.

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We are one of the UK’s only motorhome search and comparison engines, and as such we let you search and compare motorhomes from the comfort of your own home, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We offer motorhome rental all across the UK, with some of the most popular locations being London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Many of our rental sites are also in or near to airports as well, which is a major bonus if you are flying into the UK for your holiday from abroad.

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How to find motorhome rental in UK

To find motorhome rental in the UK, all you need to do is to pop to the top of any page on this website. From here, you’ll see a form where you can input your hire location, your planned drop off location, your hire dates and a few other simple details.

One you click on the ‘Search’ button, you will be provided with a list of all available motorhome rentals, and from here you can filter and sort the results by a number of criteria, such as size (known as berth), cost, reviews and so on.

Note that our systems also let you add potential motorhomes to a temporary shortlist, which is the best way to keep track of vehicles you like.

You can also see a small overview of all the appropriate motorhomes on the main results page, which has some very useful information such as the number of people the vehicles sleeps, the gearbox type (automatic or manual), whether the vehicle comes with a toilet or a shower and so on.

When you are ready to book motorhome rental in UK, simply click the ‘Book’ button, and you will be taken into the booking section of the website. You then need to reconfirm your dates, choose your insurance level and so on.

Optional Extras

Of particular note is the ability to add a wide range of extra items, which include items such as snow chains, extra duvets, gas canisters etc. This is incredibly handy for people who have flown into the UK from abroad, as some of these items are either impossible to fly with (e.g. gas canisters) or simply too heavy and bulky (e.g. snow chains).

Hiring them lets you pay far less than the cost of going out and buying them, saves you time sourcing them separately, and benefits the environment too because the item can be reused.

Things to think about for motorhome rental in UK

When searching for motorhome rental in UK, there are a number of important things to think about. For example, how much of the UK are you planning to see? If you are planning a very long road trip, perhaps from London up to Scotland and back, you will definitely want to rent a motorhome with unlimited mileage.

This is because, even with the best plans in the world, you are likely to exceed your mileage through trips to the shops for food, diversions and so on, and the charges for going over your agreed mileage can be quite steep - or more likely you simply won’t be able to stay under the agreed mileage if travelling a lot.

Motorhomes with unlimited mileage rarely cost more than those with limited mileage now anyway, which may be because of the peace of mind renting one of these motorhomes brings, instead of any real desire by people to be doing longer and longer trips.

Another important consideration for motorhome rental in the UK is the state of the roads. Despite being a developed and wealthy country, the UK’s roads are not in a fantastic state, and this becomes more and more evident the further out of big cities you venture.

Thus, if you are thinking of spending a lot of time in the countryside, you will encounter both decrepit and very narrow roads with few passing places - at this point, you are well advised to choose a smaller motorhome, as large and heavy vehicles easily run the risk of getting stuck or damaged by a stray pothole.

Conversely, if you are mainly travelling either on or close to well established roads or perhaps staying in a few of the UK’s well set up campsites, a larger motorhome rental would be wise, to give you all the additional space you require for both comfort and entertainment (think board games and television during a rainy evening).

Of course, a larger vehicle can sometimes come out as more affordable too, since you can fit more people in the motorhome and spit the cost.

One final thing to consider when undertaking motorhome rental in UK, is the date and time of year you are planning to visit. With regard to dates, summer holidays, school half terms, bank holidays (the UK term for a public holiday) and large holidays like the Easter break are when you will pay the most for your UK motorhome rental.

If you can avoid these times and go in the shoulder season or even the off season, you stand to have a much more affordable (as well as less busy) experience. And with regards to the time of year, this of course informs the type of activities you can enjoy, as the great British weather may not always be on your side outside of summer.

If you’re thinking of travelling in Easter, for example, some warm blankets and indoor (or in-motorhome) activities would be very wise.

Best places for motorhome rental in UK

There are a huge number of places for motorhome rental in UK, with certainly the most significant one being London. London has the most number of motorhome hire sites, with a huge number of slightly smaller sites being scattered across Greater London, as well as major sites at the many airports serving this fantastic global city.

Probably the main reason London is so popular as a motorhome hire site is the fact that it tends to be the place most people fly into, due to the exceptional airport links. Additionally, it tends to be the one place you can pretty much guarantee to visit as part of any trip to the UK, given that it easily contains the UK’s most popular and significant tourist sites.

London is also well served by the roads leading out of the city, ensuring that you can fairly easily get to other parts of the UK once you have seen everything in London. Remember, though, as the saying goes when you’re bored of London you’re bored of life, and we would argue that you can never hope to see everything the city has to offer anyway!

Other brilliant UK places for motorhome rental are some of the sites in Scotland, such as Edinburgh and Glasgow (both within the cities and in the airports).

Not only are these places well worth visiting in their own right, they also open up the stunning beauty of the Scottish highlands and islands. Scotland has so much to see and do it’s impossible to list it all, however some ideas are a visit to some of the famous lochs such as Loch Lomond, a trip to the otherworldly Isle of Skye, various whisky tours, a spot of golf at the home of the sport in St Andrews, and more.

Because so many of the best Scottish experiences are found outdoors, renting a motorhome makes perfect sense as you’ll get to actually spend time amongst all this nature.

Motorhome rental in UK is also very popular in Manchester. Again, one factor for this will be the relatively large size of the city and thus the availability of a wide range of vehicles, however it’s also true that Manchester is well located as far as UK geography is concerned.

Manchester is nestled in the so-called Midlands, and it’s not known as this for nothing: you can easily get to much of the UK from here. Wales is very achievable for example, especially the stunning northern parts of Wales such as Snowdonia National Park.

Moreover, you can set off south to eventually get to the the West of the UK, with such deservedly popular locations as Cornwall and Devon, or north up to the North East of the UK, and ultimately Scotland. And of course, the Midlands themselves have a lot to offer as well, such as the Peak District National park and beautiful and historic cities like York.

Hopefully, you have now been given some tips around motorhome rental in UK, and some ideas about great places to rent a motorhome from.

Motorhome rental UK is becoming more and more popular as people seek out staycations instead of overseas flights, and the UK becomes a more affordable place to holiday due to the fall in the pound.

Whether you are planning to visit the UK from within the country or from abroad, we hope you have a fantastic trip. Please head to the top of this page now to start searching for motorhomes to rent in UK!