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Pet Friendly Motorhome Hire Scotland

Find pet friendly motorhome hire in Scotland here.

We can help you find pet friendly motorhome hire Scotland. Scotland is without a doubt one of the best parts of the UK to hire a motorhome in and explore, and we don’t think you should have to leave your four legged friends at home and have all the fun without them!

Find pet friendly motorhome hire in Scotland here

Our website not only allows you to find pet friendly motorhomes in Scotland, which can be a challenge in the first place, but also allows you to actually compare between a range of suppliers! This means that you can save money on your trip, and represents a major improvement to the usual state of simply struggling to find a motorhome supplier that merely allows you to bring pets on your trip, let alone having much choice in suppliers.

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How to find pet friendly motorhome hire in Scotland

Finding pet friendly motorhome hire in Scotland couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is to scroll to the top of this page, or any other on this website, and you’ll see the search form. From here, you can enter your pick up and drop off locations, which should be either Edinburgh, Glasgow or Perth if you’re looking for a motorhome that supports pets in Scotland.

We are busy adding more locations all the time, but certainly Edinburgh and Glasgow, and to a lesser extent Perth, are the main places to hire a motorhome in Scotland. Because these sites have the most available suppliers, you should have an easier time finding a supplier that can help with sourcing a pet friendly vehicle too, as these are definitely a little bit rarer.

So, when you’ve set your location, you can then set the hire dates you’re interested in. Be aware that there is global shortage of available motorhomes, as motorhomes have become far more popular to holiday in in recent years. So we would advise booking quite far in advance, as there is a good chance that if you leave it to the last minute there won’t be any vehicles available.

Also, because you are looking for pet friendly motorhome hire in Scotland this is doubly important, as it is certainly the case that there are even less motorhome hire companies with available vehicles that also allow pets.

A remote house deep in the Scottish mountains

Filter for pet friendly motorhomes in Scotland

It’s now a simple case of filtering for all the pet friendly motorhomes in Scotland that suit your hire dates, as well as your pickup and drop-off sites. On the left hand side of the page you’ll see a ‘Features’ filter, and you can select ‘Pet Friendly’ right at the bottom of this list of features.

Once you’ve clicked this you will be shown only pet friendly vehicles, which is a massive improvement over the old way of finding motorhomes, which involved calling round multiple suppliers, inevitably leading to disappointment when it turned out that they would not actually allow pets after all.

Indeed, it’s likely that the increased competition of comparison engines like ours has actually forced motorhome hire suppliers in Scotland to be more supportive of people travelling with pets, as we certainly have many customers clicking this filter and only comparing between those motorhome businesses that allow pets.

Hiring a pet friendly motorhome in Scotland is a fantastic way to avoid the trauma of flying with a pet, as well as all the paperwork and other hassle involved in taking a pet abroad. Also, many hotels and bed and breakfasts and so on do not allow pets - not a problem when you’re in a motorhome though! There are also, of course, a number of other general environmental benefits to a motorhome holidays vs the traditional foreign holiday with all the flights and other transport too.

Tips for travelling with your pet in a motorhome in Scotland

There are a number of ways that you can make hiring and travelling in a motorhome in Scotland with a pet easier.

For one thing, you can ask the hire company if your dog is allowed to come with you to pick up and inspect the vehicle. This allows your pet to become familiar with the motorhome at the same time as you do, and is usually something that that the motorhome hire business will be happy to allow. The staff there probably love spending time with pets as well, after all!

Then, when you have got the vehicle all set up and ready to go, you need to think about where your pet will live in the motorhome, both whilst you’re driving, and when you're parked up too. Generally, when parked, there is space under some of the small tables in the main living area, which is perfect for a dog bed or dog crate. But you know your pet best, so you’ll have to find the most appropriate place in the vehicle based on the (usually fairly limited) space available!

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The law around actually driving a motorhome with a dog in it is pretty clear - the dog (or other pet) must be restrained and unable to distract you, or injure you or itself should you have to stop suddenly. Therefore, some people choose to have the pet with them in the cab of the vehicle, using a harness or other suitable item to restrain the animal - if you do this, though, a blanket is definitely required to protect the upholstery from the dog.

Many other people will drive with the pet in the dog crate in the main part of the motorhome, similar to their nighttime sleeping arrangements. This has the benefit of ensuring that your pet can spread out a bit more, is much less distracting for drivers and passengers, as well as giving them access to all their favourite toys and so on. There is also likely to be less mess and hair going all over the front cab.

One other important thing to consider when hiring a pet friendly motorhome in Scotland is that it is actually not just the motorhome that you need to consider! You also have to think about where you’re going to stay, and by that we mean in terms of campsites.

Not all campsites or other locations you can stay allow pets, so it’s incredibly important to plan your route in advance. However, these days, that is practically a given anyway, as both motorhomes and campsites in Scotland are very popular and will quickly fill up. Although we risk repeating things, we always advise the need to book everything in advance - ferries, motorhomes, campsites, you name it!

Also, one other very easy mistake that so many people who hire a pet friendly motorhome in Scotland make is to leave a bowl of water out for their pet whilst driving. This well intentioned mistake is so easy to make, but you only learn once that a pool of doggy water slopping across your motorhome floor for hours on end will be a nightmare to clean up!

That said, it is of course very important to keep your pet suitably hydrated, but just make sure that you do this before you set off, and during your frequent breaks, rather than expecting the pet to be able to access water whilst physically driving. Also, do note that dogs can get car sick in much the same way as people, so unless you think your dog will definitely be OK, do not set off with an animal with a very full stomach.

Search for pet friendly motorhome hire now!

Hopefully some of these tips and tricks have helped with the practicalities of hiring a motorhome with a pet.

Now, start your search at the top of this or any other page. We hope you find a good number of pet friendly motorhomes to hire in Scotland, and that you enjoy your Scottish motorhome holiday with your pet!