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NC500 Campervan Hire Glasgow

Find campervans to hire in Glasgow for the NC500 here.

The NC500, or North Coast 500 as it is often known, is a brilliant route to hire a campervan for, and Glasgow is one of the best places to hire a campervan in Scotland. This is because Glasgow is both the perfect entry point to the NC500, and also contains one of the widest ranges of campervans available in the country.

The stunning and unique NC500 highlands, as found across the route
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How can we help you hire a campervan in Glasgow for the NC500?

Compare Campervan Hire makes it incredibly easy to hire a campervan in Glasgow for the NC500. This is because we allow you to search for Glasgow campervan providers online, and also to compare the results to ensure that you are always getting the best price.

To find a NC500 campervan to hire in Glasgow, all you need to do is to pick a Glasgow location from the drop down list at the top of the page. The main Glasgow locations are as follows: Glasgow, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport. We’ll explain the differences between all three of these a bit later.

Note that you can actually choose a separate pick up and drop off site. This could be perfect for doing the NC500, as you might wish to start in Glasgow, but end in Edinburgh, for example. Once you’ve selected your pick up and drop off sites, then you need to choose your hire dates. Note that campervan holidays as well as the North Coast 500 are becoming more popular by the day, so you should definitely aim to secure a campervan as soon as you are ready, to avoid missing out.

Once you press the search button, a list of all available campervans in Glasgow will be revealed. Here you can check prices and availability, sort by features such as berth and engine size, and much more. One feature that’s definitely worth pointing out is the fact that we make it possible for you to read reviews of previous hirers. This could be very helpful in the case of the NC500, as you can see how others have fared who have done this trip in the campervan you are thinking of.

The best campervans to hire in Glasgow for the NC500 will largely be those that are small and light. This is because they are far easier to drive anyway, but also because of the generally poor state of Scotland’s roads. In summer, which is when you are likely to be completing the NC500, Scotland’s roads are both very full of recreational vehicles, but also very unsuitable for larger types of campervans and motorhomes. There are frequent blockages caused by vehicles that are too large trying to cross a bridge, or sometimes by two large vehicles unable to pass each other on a narrow road. Therefore, when hiring in Glasgow, try and hire the smallest campervan you can to make your NC500 experience a lot easier, especially if you plan to venture away from the larger roads.

A couple enjoying breakfast in a Scottish forest

Tips for campervan hire in Glasgow for the NC500

As mentioned above, Glasgow has a number of sites in which you can hire a campervan before embarking on the NC500.

The three main sites are Glasgow, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport. The two airports are generally the best places to hire, as they tend to have the best prices and most availability. Also, airports are usually the main entry points into the city, meaning you don’t have to complete any trips on Glasgow’s public transport to get to your campervan.

Even if you are coming by car, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick airport are still probably the best places to source a campervan. This is because they are, for good reason, quite far from Glasgow city centre, as well as enjoying excellent transport links and modern roads. This means you will spend less time fighting traffic getting into and then out of Glasgow before you embark on your trip out into nature on the NC500!

The times that Glasgow itself tends to be the best place to hire a campervan for the NC500 is when you plan to arrive by train. The Glasgow hire sites are far closer to the train station than the airport sites. Also, you may find a better deal on a campervan when looking in Glasgow, so in that case a trip into the city may well be called for.

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The best things to do on the NC500 in your campervan

You are spoilt for things to do on the NC500, and we think that hiring a campervan from Glasgow is one of the best ways to enjoy this adventure. Here’s a list of some of our favourite activities that you can do on your NC500 campervan trip:

Hire a campervan in Glasgow to explore the NC500 now!

Hopefully you now have a good idea of how to hire a campervan in Glasgow for the NC500, and some ideas of things to do on this trip in your new vehicle. Take a look now for available campervans from across our various Glasgow depots - we hope you have a fantastic time on your holiday and that you enjoy the amazing NC500!