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Motorhome for rent

Let us help you find a motorhome for rent. We list a large number of motorhomes for rent on our online motorhome rental and comparison website.

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All you have to do is enter some basic details such as the dates you’d like to rent the motorhome for, your driving license details and so on, and all motorhomes to rent will be displayed. You can then compare these motorhomes, add more accessories and ultimately make a booking, all online and 24/7. To begin, just scroll to the top of any page on this website.

Note too that we take no upfront personal details prior to any booking, so you can compare for as long as you like without any commitment and with no annoying emails being sent to chase you up.

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Picking a motorhome for rent

Choosing a good motorhome for rent is paramount for you to get the most out of your holiday.

Start by thinking about the number of people coming with you, as that will dictate the size (known as the ‘berth’) of the motorhome. Larger motorhomes are of course a little more expensive, but the overall cost can actually come out as more affordable if you divide the cost of the vehicle by all the passengers they can carry.

When you consider that you are getting your ‘hotel’, your transport and your kitchen all in one, a motorhome for rent often turns out to be surprisingly affordable. Most motorhomes have a berth of at least two at the lower end, and as much as 6 or more at the higher end.

Of course, this is subject to availability and time of year, as a motorhome rental for rent has certainly become a more popular way to enjoy some time off in the UK.

Another sign of an excellent motorhome for rent is the facilities the vehicle may offer. We let you choose from a very wide range of motorhomes for rent, and many of them will come with truly superb features.

Think comfy beds, showers and toilets and proper cooking facilities that let you easily cook for large groups. In fact, these motorhomes are so cleverly designed that it is more than possible to live in them full time, as they essentially distill all the most vital parts of a house into a small and portable vehicle.

Other things to look out for are fridges, heating units, solar power and batteries to keep your gadgets running even when not parked at a powered site. These motorhomes for rent allow you to comfortably stay off grid in locations well away from urban areas and even campsites, for a surprisingly long amount of time.

One of the last criteria for a motorhome for rent is that you are comfortable driving the machine on unfamiliar roads. We would strongly suggest that you do not choose a motorhome for rent that is too large for your previous driving experience, or even the maximum weight you are actually allowed to drive on your license!

Also, pick a motorhome with a mind to the holiday you are planning to enjoy, as if you plan to travel down lots of small and often poorly maintained country roads, you would be best advised to rent a smaller motorhome.

Some example motorhomes for rent

As mentioned above, we supply a great many types of motorhome for rent. A lot of this depends on the location you are planning to rent the motorhome from, as larger sites (especially around big cities and airports) do tend to have a wider range of motorhomes for rent than smaller sites.

However, an example of a popular mid range motorhome for rent would be the ‘4 Berth Navigator’ from Just Go motorhomes. This vehicle is a comfortably compact size, with a cleverly designed lounge that can be used for entertaining guests, or for sleeping on using the fold out beds.

This motorhome is also not too large, so would suit people who are fairly new to driving this type of vehicle. You also get unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance included, although as ever this is subject to change and availability at the time of booking.

A 4 Berth Navigator motorhome

Alternatively, another motorhome for rent is the ‘Voyager’ from Apollo Motorhomes. This is a slightly larger vehicle that can sleep six at a push, and this is mainly due to the slightly extended height vs the ‘4 Berth Navigator’, and reduced facilities.

Both vehicles after all have two double beds, however the ‘Voyager’ also comes with bunkbeds to squeeze an extra two more people in, at the expense of an oven and certain other facilities.

This motorhome for rent might suit a larger family or group that are prepared to be a bit less adventurous with their cooking, or simply to eat out more.

A 6 berth voyager motorhome

And now on the larger side of the motorhome for rent scale, we have motorhomes like the ‘Family 7 Berth’ from Spaceships UK. This motorhome achieves a seven berth status by making use of a space above the drivers cab, as well as overall increased width and length.

Still, some facilities are still cut out vs a smaller motorhome for rent, with the oven and this time the microwave being two of the key ones removed. Certainly, this vehicle best suits a large group (with a very experienced driver, as it is certainly a large vehicle) who are prepared to be clever with their cooking - you can still make a huge amount on a hob though, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

With potentially seven people inside the vehicle, it’s probably best to think about campsites with plenty of activities, as you probably don’t all want to stay inside the vehicle for long periods of time.

A family 7 berth motorhome

Hopefully the above rundown of just a few motorhomes found on our platform shows that one of the main benefits of using our website to find a motorhome for rent is the sheer choice available.

With this many opportunities and good availability if you start your search early, you should have no trouble finding the right vehicle for your holiday. A good motorhome for rent can be yours by entering your details in the form now, and beginning your search!