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Devon campervans

A European peacock butterfly in Devon

Hire a campervan in Devon

Campervan hire Devon is simple with Compare Campervan Hire, the UK's best campervan comparison service. We do all the hard work of organising UK campervan providers so you don't have to. Begin your search for campervans in Devon by selecting a location from the panel above; you can filter by price, vehicle berths, availability and much more. Hiring a campervan in Devon just became a lot easier and more affordable with Compare Campervan Hire.

Why should I hire a campervan in Devon?

Devon is one of the best places in the UK to hire a campervan. Full of natural attractions and scenery, this large county has a long history of human habitation. Human bones have been found dating back to 30 – 40,000 years ago, and in more modern times Devon has been the site of many conquests and major wars, as well as being occupied by the Romans for a time. The economy of Devon has long depended on agriculture, mining and fishing, which contributes to the beautiful scenery that you are likely to encounter in your campervan. If you're looking for large cities and urban shopping you may be disappointed, but if you fancy seeing beautiful beaches, quaint fishing ports, unspoilt moors and gorgeous landscapes you will fall in love with a campervan holiday in Devon.

What is there to do?

Devon is full of attractions for you to explore in your campervan. One of the most tantalising prospects for anyone visiting Devon is to visit the beautiful beaches and coves, for the county is surrounded by stunning coastline. Many of Devon's beaches are certified 'Blue Flag Beaches', which ensures that they are of the upmost cleanliness and environmental quality. The beaches of Devon come in all shapes and sizes, however a few of the most popular include South Sands Beach (a small and pristine beach with facilities for sailing, diving and more) and Woolacombe Beach (a large and very long sandy beach popular with surfers).

Outside of the coastline, the county is also full of wild spaces and gorgeous landscapes, and notably the famous Dartmoor National Park lies in Devon. Dartmoor National Park is famous for its rugged scenery and pivotal role in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel The Hound Of The Baskervilles, starring Sherlock Holmes. There are Sherlock tours that you can undertake if you are interested, and of course the park is jam packed with hikes, cycle tracks, climbing routes, canoeing opportunities and many other outdoor pursuits. Thanks to wild camping regulations, if you bring a tent you can legally camp on the open land in Dartmoor National Park, which makes for a wonderful trip as you hike across the park and sleep under the stars at night. Moreover, having access to your campervan will give you even added levels of comfort – there are plenty of campervan sites around the national park that allow you to sleep in your vehicle, as well as often providing power, water, food and so on. There tends to be a strong social scene around these sites, so you may well meet people and enjoy a few beers and a meal at a rural pub with new friends!

If you fancy getting away from the countryside for a while, then the city of Exeter will give you the urban experience you crave. Exeter, a Cathedral City, is the administrative capital of the county, and has a long and impressive history. In antiquity the city formed the most western Roman settlement in the UK, and in later times the city became an important religious site, which is epitomised by the stunning Exeter Cathedral. This building, which was founded as long ago as 1050, has been gradually built on and improved over the years, culminating in the impressive Romanesque cathedral that lies in the heart of the city. The Cathedral has plenty of unique features, such as an astronomical clock, the impressive Bishop's throne (made of oak and standing at a haughty 18 metres high), and vast medieval ceiling which is unique in its design (requiring far less support than other medieval ceilings of its time).

Apart from the cathedral, Exeter has a few other attractions for keeping you entertained, although as you're here to look at campervan holidays in Devon we would of course recommend that you leave the cities for another time and explore the countryside! The city has fine shopping, and could be a useful place to relax and stock up on supplies if your Devon campervan trip is a long one. Moreover, you can also visit the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, which contains a huge and eclectic range of exhibits and is the perfect place to entertain children or perhaps to get away from nature or spend a rainy day.

Whilst you're in Devon, it would also be wise to take a look at the famous Tarka Trail. This is a beautiful 30 mile traffic free cycle trail that follows an old and now unused railway track. There are busses that can take you back from points on the trail if you don't fancy cycling the whole thing. If you have the time we'd really recommend galvanising yourself to complete the trail, as the sense of accomplishment at the end will be more than worth it. Another great attraction in Devon is Lundy Island, which is perfect for divers or just for a day trip. The island, located in north Devon, is full of ocean-dwelling mammals and birds, and has many monuments and listed buildings. It's a lovely place to go walking and exploring, and you can reach Lundy Island via the island's own ferry service, which leaves and returns on approximately three days a week.

Your campervan holiday in Devon

We hope we have provided you with some of the benefits of campervan hire Devon. Hiring a campervan in Devon is a great way to get out and see the county, and of course there are vast numbers of attractions that we have not had the time to go over. One of the greatest benefits of a campervan holiday is the chance to make your own trip and your own rules, so if you hire a campervan in Devon go out and have an adventure all of your own!