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All you need to know about hiring campervans in London.

A vista across London

How to use this site

If you are looking for campervan hire London, then simply use the search box above to search a wide range of UK campervan suppliers. Our website queries providers across the UK, which helps you to get the best possible deal and the best price when it comes to hiring a campervan.

Some of the most popular London locations that you can choose to pick up your campervan from include the generic location 'London', as well as the airports of 'Heathrow', 'Gatwick', 'Luton' and 'Stanstead'. Nearby 'Luton' and 'Milton Keynes' may also serve you well if you are coming in by rail. London, with its large size and good transport links, makes getting to these locations a breeze.

Why should I hire a campervan in the capital?

London makes a superb place to hire a campervan. With an abundance of airports and other transport hubs, there's a strong chance that this global city will be your point of entry to the UK. Even if you don't fly in, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to rail links, and even ferries have excellent connections strait from ports to the city.

Therefore, with all these transport hubs and huge numbers of national and international travellers coming and going, there are unsurprisingly a great deal of places where you can pick up your vehicle. Moreover, the higher than usual levels of competition make hiring a campervan in the city a good deal cheaper than it would be elsewhere. Try it – if you complete a search with any of the London locations selected you will be presented with an abundance of suppliers and an enormous range of prices to choose from. You can definitely save on your holiday by hiring a vehicle from the capital city, and then using it as a base to explore the rest of the country from.

London – A Great Base To Explore The UK From

Of course London contains some of the UK's most recognisable and significant landmarks – most tourists won't want to miss Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and so on. But when you tire of the hustle and bustle of the city, why not venture out to see some of the other famous landscapes of this beautiful country?

This is where a campervan comes into its own, as truth be told there are few people who would choose to live in a campervan whilst they are staying in London itself. However, because you will probably be both arriving and leaving from London (and generally Heathrow airport if you are an international traveller), why not take advantage of the cheap prices in the capital and use it as a base to explore the rest of the country?

Why Hire A Campervan Anyway?

This website was set up to make it easier to hire campervans in the UK. We firmly believe that a campervan holiday is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty as well as the culture of the UK, and the more we can do to make hiring a campervan easier the better. Many of our customers hire campervans from London, and then set out to explore the rest of the UK in their new vehicle.

A campervan gives you the freedom to travel where you want and does not lock you into a timeframe. If you want to stay longer in one place, or leave earlier, then this is no problem with your campervan as you are not tied down by public transport, hotel bookings or a fixed itinery. Moreover, you will get the chance to stay in more interesting and varied locations than you would if you stayed in identikit hotels across the country. Fancy a campsite right by the beach, in the middle of a forest or in a national park? Then hire a campervan to discover all those locations! The large network of people camping across the UK also lets you make friends that you just wouldn't meet in hotels, which can be very isolating; those on campsites will often meet up for food and drinks in the evening, as they relax and enjoy the sunset.

Why Use This Site?

This website makes hiring a campervan much easier than the alternatives. This is because we offer live comparisons of vehicles across the UK, from multiple fleets and providers. All other campervan hire websites only show you the vehicles they currently have in their stock, and these details are usually not updated regularly. Moreover, with, you can book directly through our website too, making us the one stop shop for campervan hire in London and beyond!

Campervan hire London is a good choice if you are flying into the capital city, but also plan to visit some other regions of the UK as part of your trip. The large number of suppliers, good transport links and most of all the competitive prices make hiring a auto in the capital city both easier and cheaper than hiring elsewhere. So choose a London location from the search box and save on London campervan hire now!

The houses of Parliament and other landmarks