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Wedding campervan hire

Hire a campervan for your wedding

A young couple next to a campervan by the sea

Campervan hire for weddings

Hiring a campervan (including a classic VW campervan) for your wedding or civil partnership is a great way to arrive in style on your big day. makes this process easy by letting you compare the prices of wedding campervans – after all, a wedding is expensive enough without shelling out above the odds for a costly rental campervan. And not only do you arrive in style when you hire a VW campervan for your wedding or civil partnership, but you are also able to drive off into the sunset with your new husband or wife for a holiday of a lifetime!

A campervan lets you travel where you want, when you want, so whether you will be the kind of wedded couple that prefer hiking and being busy all day, or just lazing around and taking in the scenery, you are well catered for if you hire a campervan for your wedding. If you fancy kicking back with a few glasses of wine under a starry sky, waking up next to a beautiful beach or in the middle of a national park, or falling asleep by a fire in the centre of an ancient forest, then a campervan is the answer. Plus, with the average wedding already taking up a huge amount of organisation, a campervan is a great way of injecting some spontaneity into your big day. Why not just drive off into the sunset and let the adventure happen all on its own?

Finally, hiring a campervan for your wedding saves you a huge amount of money as it represents your accommodation and transport all in one. And you're sure to meet some interesting people and make some great new friends when you turn up at a campervan site strait from your wedding, or if you are driving around in a distinctive VW campervan. Campervan hire for weddings is one of our most popular services, and we are always delighted to help you if you have any questions about hiring one of these unique vehicles on your big day!

VW campervans for your wedding

VW campervan wedding hire is one of the most in demand services we offer. These classic vehicles make for a wonderfully quirky alternative to the traditional classic car or sports car. VW campers are so positively bursting with character, with their bug shaped profile, colourful bodies and snub noses, that its easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular when it comes to weddings. Their traditionally hippy image suits a slightly more relaxed wedding, and might work well for a couple who are interested in driving off into the sunset for a surfing holiday, for example. If you feel that the traditional classic car just doesn't quite suit your personality, then why not consider a more alternative approach and go for a VW campervan?

One other benefit of hiring a VW campervan wedding car is the iconic nature of vehicles, which leads itself well to the wedding photographs once you have tied the knot. Most people keep their VW camper well after the wedding so photos can be taken with the wedding party and this iconic piece of functional yet beautiful design.

Of course, this website specialises in a huge range of campervans in the UK, which means we also stock plenty of vehicles other than just VW campervans. Whilst these more modern vehicles may not be quite as attractive, they are often a lot more practical and are great choices if you really plan to explore the outdoors. Moreover, the more modern campervans definitely contain more in terms of facilities, and if you are after larger beds, televisions, proper cookers and so forth then you will almost certainly be better off with a more modern vehicle. You might also consider hiring a VW campervan or classic car for the wedding itself, and then hiring a fully equipped campervan for the actual 'holiday' part of your marriage!

Note that there is no way of specifically searching for VW campervans on our website, so you will always be presented with a full set of results. However, if you scroll through the results you will quickly come across all the VW campervans that are available in your area.

What about chauffeurs?

Obviously, we are a wedding campervan hire comparison service so we do not offer specialist chauffeurs for any vehicles that you may hire! However, this is usually a very expensive service anyway, and it is far cheaper to just employ a willing young relative for the day. You will be surprised how many people volunteer to drive a unique VW campervan wedding car for a day! If you do take this approach, make sure that you specify that you would like other named drivers when you come to rent, as there may be a small insurance premium to pay for this. However it will always be significantly less than hiring a chauffeur for a day!

How to hire a wedding campervan

Hiring a wedding (or civil partnership) campervan couldn't be easier with Simply scroll to the top of any page on our website and fill in the form, making sure you input the pick up and drop off sites, your age, and the country you are originally from. Once you have filled in all the required data, hit the 'search' button and you will be presented with a list of available vehicles. From there, just navigate through the list until you find the vehicle that you are most happy with. And if you have any questions about the specifics of hiring a campervan for a wedding, just get in touch with us any time using the contact button, and our friendly staff will be happy to help. Please note that that site also lets you make bookings online, so we really are a one stop shop when it comes to wedding campervan hire!

Why wait?

It's pretty clear that hiring a campervan for your wedding is an easy way to save money as well as giving you a distinctive and interesting vehicle to turn up to the wedding in. Combined with the fun you will have in the vehicle as you explore the UK together, why wait? Start searching now to begin your wedding campervan hire journey!