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Hiring a campervan in Inverness

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All about Inverness

Inverness, located midway across Scotland, is a superb place to hire a campervan and begin your adventure across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Inverness, as the most northern city in Scotland and therefore the UK, is often considered the gateway to the islands, beaches and highlands of the country. As you leave Inverness by driving over the Kessock Bridge and into the beautiful countryside that lies beyond, you may well experience the feeling of leaving civilization and truly entering into the rugged wilderness.

How do I hire a campervan in Inverness?

You're in the perfect place to hire a campervan in Inverness! is a new website that lets you compare the cost of campervan hire in the UK, and campervan hire Inverness is one of our most searched for categories. We were established to make your campervan holiday easier; we let you compare vehicles across the UK, helping you to make an informed decision on the price and features of the vehicles you are interested in.

To begin your search simply select a pick up location in the search box above. Assuming you are interested in hiring a campervan in Inverness, we have two locations where you can pick the campervan up from: Inverness Airport and Inverness Railway Station. Both of these have been chosen to be as easy as possible for customers to get access to their vehicles, as we believe that you should be able to step off the train or aeroplane and pick your campervan up immediately without having to take taxis or public transport anywhere.

Once you have chosen your pick up location, your drop off location, and the dates you will be hiring the campervan for, you can hit the search button to begin your search. You will then be presented with a list of available vehicles, and it is here that you can view prices as well as organise your results by features such as berths (the number of people the campervan sleeps), reviews, vehicle age so on. Moreover, and unlike many other websites, lets you actually book the vehicle you are interested in. No more ringing suppliers and trying to organise a deposit; we take the hassle out of campervan hire by letting you securely book the vehicle online through our trusted partners in the campervan industry.

Why hire a campervan in Inverness?

Inverness is a brilliant place to hire a campervan, as once you have your vehicle you are free to explore the highlands and the islands of the country at your leisure. However, there is plenty to see in Inverness itself, so we would advise you to spend a little bit of time in the city before you venture out into the wild. Inverness is a large and ancient city with an interesting past, and as the administrative centre of the Highlands it is regarded as the capital of this part of Scotland. It is also the most northern city in the UK, and interestingly is both one of the fastest growing cities in Europe as well as one of the happiest, according to a number of studies.

The history of Inverness extends right back into the distant past, and some of the earliest discoveries point to its role as a fortified settlement controlled by the Picts. The strategic location of Inverness ensures that is has historically been involved in a great many conflicts, and it was the site of a great many battles during the days of inter-clan warfare. Notably, Inverness was the home of the original Macbeth, who was forever after immortalised in Shakespeare's famous play of the same name.

Nowadays, Inverness has a modern economy that is successful in a number of fields, such as the medical and high tech industries. Inverness is one of the main campuses for the University of the Highlands and Islands, and at any one time will contain approximately 30% of the students of this dispersed university. Inverness also has a larger than average number of Gaelic speakers, although this is still only around 5% of the population, and major departure from the past when the city would have almost exclusively spoken Gaelic.

Things to do in Inverness

There are plenty of things to do in inverness that can keep you occupied for a day or two, before you leave the city and enter the magical world of the Highlands and Islands. A few of these include:

These are just a few suggestions, and as always on we would recommend you make your own adventure and discover the city and countryside around Inverness yourself.

Start your campervan adventure in Inverness today!

We hope we have given you a good introduction to the city, as well as some useful information on Campervan hire Inverness. By using our website, you can make large savings on campervan hire in Inverness, as well as saving yourself time since we make comparing and booking vehicles so simple. Inverness is a wonderful place to hire a campervan, as you really are at the intersection between the north and south of Scotland, ensuring that you are well placed to begin your adventure whichever route you choose to take. Start searching for campervans in Inverness today, by choosing either Inverness Airport or Railway Station from the dropdown menu above, and begin your adventure!