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Hiring a campervan in Wigan

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Wigan - a great place to start your campervan adventure

Wigan, located in Greater Manchester, is a great location to hire a campervan and start your voyage across North West England.

The town has a surprisingly long and interesting history, not least due to the huge economic growth and rise in population that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. By hiring a campervan in Wigan, you can further explore its rich heritage, lose yourself in the many miles of picturesque countryside and enjoy some unrivalled northern hospitality!

How do I hire a campervan in Wigan?

You’re in the right place for campervan hire Wigan. is a recently developed website that allows you to compare the cost of campervan hire throughout the UK, and Wigan is among the many locations available. We were established to provide you with all of the necessary means to plan you campervan expedition. We let you compare vehicles across the UK, providing you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on the best price and types of features of the vehicle you’d like to hire.

Wigan's past

Wigan makes for an interesting place to hire a campervan. In Medieval times, Wigan was one of the four ancient boroughs of Lancashire and was once famed for clock making and the manufacture of porcelain. Later on, it evolved into a major mill and coal mining district, with the first coal mine established in 1450. There were 1,000 pit shafts within 5 miles of the town centre during Wigan’s peak coal mining days. In fact, remarking on the ample colliery sites, one town councilor commented that “a coal mine in the backyard was not uncommon in Wigan”. Coal mining later subsided and eventually ceased towards the end of 20th century.

The town was also made famous by writer George Orwell. In 1937, Orwell wrote The Road to Wigan Pier which, based on his time living among local residents, details life in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire. The first half of his work is an investigation into the somewhat bleak living conditions among the working class in North West England before World War II. The second half, an essay detailing his middle-class upbringing, explores Orwell’s personal interpretation of the social and political world around him, as well as examining British attitudes towards democratic control.

Today, Wigan offers a diverse range of attractions, and is a great stop on your tour of the North West. As well as boasting over 216 listed buildings, Wigan’s rich history is amplified by Mab’s Cross, a medieval stone cross which – as one of four – was originally used to mark out the medieval route from Wigan to Chorley, Lancashire.

Also, the effects of the extraction of coal, which in the past led to subsidence and considerable flooding, have recently been adapted into eight shallow wetlands. Known as the Wigan Flashes, the old industrial landscape is now one of the most important wildlife sites in the North West and is home to over 200 species of bird, 15 species of dragonfly and 6 species of orchid.

Things to do in Wigan

If you’re a history fan, the Museum of Wigan Life is well worth a visit. Here you can delve into the history of Roman settlements, Civil War battles, and the history of people and places - both past and present - relating to Wigan and its surrounding areas. There are many free events and exhibitions open at the Museum throughout the year, including the history of Northern Soul and a look into the peculiar sport of clog fighting.

Somewhat mysterious, it is believed that clog fighting was used as a means of settling disputes. Men would challenge one another to kick the unprotected shins of their opponents with wooden, metal-soled clogs. Generally known as ‘purring’ across Greater Manchester and Lancashire, clog fighting was particularly common in Rochdale and Wigan. The rules were simple; the first man to bleed loses.

Although it sounds brutal, ‘purring’ bears many similarities to ‘shin-kicking’, a combat sport which still takes place in Gloucestershire today.

If that’s not enough history for you, you can visit the Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine. Constructed 100 years ago, it is one of the largest working examples of its type and is considered a feat of industrial engineering which played a huge role in Wigan’s industrial evolution. The steam engine is free to visit every Sunday and includes talks about the role of the engine.

Wigan also offers the chance to visit the longest canal in Britain. At 127 miles long, the Leeds and Liverpool Canal provides a coast-to-coast route across the north of England and one of its most widely known stretches passes straight through Wigan. There are three family friendly heritage walks to take advantage of, all of which begin at Wigan Pier and stretch out towards Appley Bridge, Arley Hall and Leigh Bridge.

If you wish to continue in the great outdoors, Haigh Hall and Country Park is another great place to visit in Wigan. Set in 350 acres of wood and parkland, Haigh Country Park is an ideal place for a fun-filled day out. Nestled in the parkland is a 15" Gauge Railway, which offers a scenic ride through the woodlands past walled gardens and a Swan Pond.

These are just a few points of interest you can take advantage of and as previously recommended on with the help of a campervan, you can discover a wealth of other experiences in and around North West England.

We’re the place for campervan hire Wigan!

Wigan is a surprising place and we hope that this information has provided you with a good starting reference to the town and its surrounding areas, as well as provided some answers to questions you may have about campervan hire Wigan.

Wigan possesses a broad and fascinating history and as it is situated midway between Manchester and Liverpool, you really do have a huge range of choice with regards to which routes to take in your vehicle. The town centre offers excellent shopping facilities and a vast collection of pubs and restaurants framed by tranquil countryside; Wigan is a great place to hire a campervan and start your adventure!