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Information about campervan hire Yorkshire!

A path down narrow fields in Yorkshire

Have you ever wanted to hire a campervan in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire, with its fantastic history, cultural cities and wonderful scenery, is a brilliant place to hire a campervan. To see a list of suppliers in or near Yorkshire, please click here to be taken to the form above. This will enable you to get a live comparison of campervan suppliers in Yorkshire, as well as allowing you to make a booking and therefore get your holiday underway. There are also filters that let you choose the options you require for your campervan, such as the number of people the vehicle sleeps, the price, extra insurance options and so on.

Who are we?

We are a new way to compare campervan rentals in the UK – we are the only site that lets you compare more than one supplier at a time, which really helps you to save money and pick the best campervan for your holiday. All other websites simply list the campervans that they own, which means that you must contact other suppliers separately if you wish to make a true comparison. Moreover, few other sites let you follow through and make a live booking, meaning that you must email or call the provider and wait for them to get back in touch with you. However, with, we make the booking process both easy and secure, as you can book your campervan online safe in the knowledge that you've sourced the best price from a range of suppliers!

It is important to note that relatively few international visitors will actually hire a campervan in Yorkshire. This is because the county lacks an international airport, which is generally the place that most campervan rentals take place; instead, we would recommend that you hire your vehicle outside Yorkshire and then drive in, which saves on train fares which can be surprisingly costly in the UK. This way you can also drop the vehicle back off at the airport before you leave, which eliminates any expensive relocation fees.

Why Yorkshire?

Visitors to Yorkshire are spoilt when it comes to things to see and do. There are well over 800 attractions in the county – you could probably visit every year for the next twenty years and still find something new to do each time! Ultimately, Yorkshire has something for everyone – if you're a culture or history buff, then you're sure to love exploring the former Roman city of York (as well as in the many towns and villages dotted around the county, each with their own impressive Roman and Viking pasts). Similarly, if you prefer nature, then the Yorkshire Dales or the North York Moors are certain to delight. And of course, Yorkshire has a wonderful food culture with some of the best restaurants in the country and excellent wines and other drinks to sample. Yorkshire, as one of the largest counties in the country, really is full of possibilities!

The history of Yorkshire

Yorkshire certainly has a long and eventful history, and is regarded as a 'historic county' in that it has long had an important role in defining the culture and politics of the country. It is arguably the greenest county in the UK, and has been made wealthy through farming. Yorkshire has had a turbulent past, having been inhabited and occupied by first the Celts, then the Romans, then the Vikings (Yorkshire is the site of the only true viking territory on the UK mainland, that of Jorvik) and finally the Normans. This is not to mention the War of the Roses which took place in Yorkshire - this series of battles, some of which were the most bloody to ever take place on the English mainland, defined the English Royal Family in the middle ages.

Yorkshire today is a large and wealthy county that still draws a lot of income from agriculture, but like many other places in the UK has diversified into diverse new industries such as media, tourism and digital technologies.

Things to see and do

One of the benefits of hiring a campervan is that you are ideally placed to travel round Yorkshire at your pleasure, and stay for as long or as short a time in each location. There are so many things to see and do that it would be impossible to list them all; instead, we will give a brief snapshot of a few of the activities that are available.

Final thoughts

Yorkshire is a wonderful place to visit in a campervan, as the grand history and large size of the country mean that visitors are spoilt when it comes to things to do. Also, with impressive scenery and plenty of places to stay in your campervan, any holiday to Yorkshire is sure to be both a natural and a cultural pleasure!