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Hiring a campervan in Perth

A traditional highland cow in the Scottish highlands

We make hiring a campervan in Perth easy can help you hire a campervan in Perth. We are the UK's number one campervan hire company, and specialise in passing on savings by letting users compare the price of campervans from suppliers across the UK. This lets our customers find the cheapest price on Perth campervan hire.

To hire a campervan in Perth, simply choose either Perth Bus Station or Perth Railway station from the dropdown menu above. Make sure to also select the dates that you want to hire the vehicle from, as well as your age, and then hit the search button. Once you have done this, our advanced software will compare all the campervan providers in the area, to deliver the best possible price for your Perth campervan rental. Note that you can also sort the results by a number of filters, such as price, berths (the number of people the vehicle sleeps), and even engine type. We are sure that by using this website you will save on campervan hire in Perth by being able to choose from a broad range of suppliers.

Why Perth?

Perth is a historic city, and a wonderful place to begin your campervan holiday. Perth is located midway through Scotland, and has a population of around 50,000 people. A settlement has existed in Perth since prehistoric times, and indeed the city once served as the de-facto capital of Scotland, before the prominence of Edinburgh. The city is known as the 'Gateway to the highlands', due to the national parks and spectacular beauty to be found in the highlands, just to the north of the city.

Perth's history

Perth has Gaelic roots; the name 'Perth' comes from the Gaelic word for a wood or a corpse. The city was a for a long time referred to as 'St. John's Town', because of the prominence of a central church dedicated to St John, however the name Perth eventually persevered during the 1600's. Nevertheless, the name of St John's Town still lives on in the city's football team, St. Johnstone FC. Perth was the site of numerous battles throughout the Middle Ages, and was conquered by the English in 1296, thought it was quickly recaptured by Robert the Bruce.

Perth was a major site for Protestantism in the 1600's and beyond; indeed, John Knox delivered his rousing sermon calling for Protestantism in the heart of the city, and act which ultimately ushered in the Scottish Reformation. Later on, as with much of the UK, Perth became a centre for heavy industry during the industrial revolution, with a wide range of major exports such as linen, leather and whisky. Because of it's central location, the city also became a prominent transport hub once railways had been invented.

In more recent times, and due to a decline in the key whisky industry, Perth's economy has diversified and is now based around a range of industries, such as finance, insurance, tourism, energy and retail.

Things to do in Perth

If you do choose to hire a campervan in Perth, you may wish to stay in the city for a while to experience what it has to offer, before you head out into the highlands and beyond. There are a number of things that you can do in Perth:

Hit the Highlands

Perth isn't knows as the Gateway to the Highlands for nothing. Once you have done a bit of exploring in the city, hop in your newly rented campervan and begin to explore the great outdoors. The spectacular Cairngorms National Park is just a short drive from the north of the city, and there is so much to see and do in this national park that you could easily spend your entire holiday there. Moreover, to your west you will find Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; you could visit this park by way of Glencoe and Fort William, which represent some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland, if not the world.

Overall, we make campervan hire Perth easier and cheaper. Being able to choose from a range of suppliers keeps costs down, as well as giving you far more choice when it comes to your upcoming holiday. So, to reserve your Perth campervan now, simply begin your search using the form above and see all the campervans that are available to hire in Perth.