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Some Information To Help You To Hire A Campervan In Wales

Campervan Hire Wales

Wales - The Place To Be!

Campervan hire Wales has never been easier than with, the UK's number one campervan price comparison service. We let you compare the live prices of suppliers across the UK, and then when you have chosen the campervan best suited to your holiday, you can also book online through our website. This helps you to save time that would normally be wasted emailing or calling suppliers across the country, as well as showing vehicles that are actually available at the time of your booking.

Note that we do not have any dedicated suppliers in Wales, however almost all fly into an international airport elsewhere in the UK, and will pick up their campervan there. It is then a simple matter of driving to Wales to explore the country before returning your campervan at the airport you arrived at. Luckily the UK's relatively small size and very modern road system means that any drive will be far from arduous.

Why Wales?

Wales is a wonderful place to hire a campervan because it has such an abundance of culture and natural scenery; indeed, Wales was recently voted the best place to visit in the world, by Rough Guides in 2014! If you're looking for a city break, beautiful mountains and landscapes, golf, fishing, mountain biking, beaches, or shopping and food, you're sure to find all this and more in Wales. Plus you get to sample the world renowned hospitality of your Welsh hosts!

Travelling around Wales in your campervan is one of the best ways to see the country, as you are not tied down to any particular schedule or plan. This unique ability to come and go as you please means that you can stay longer in a place you particularly love, or leave early from somewhere you're not too keen on. And don't underestimate the great friends you'll make in the campsites you park in overnight, or that time you wake up to a beautiful view of the mountains of Snowdonia in the morning – it certainly beats any hotel you'll find anywhere in the world, and for a much lower price too! In fact, the unparalleled freedom that you get when you take a campervan holiday is one of the key reasons this website was set up, as the author wanted to make these experiences accessible to as many visitors as possible, both from the UK and from abroad.

Things To Do In Wales

This article will attempt to list some of the common and popular activities that you can undertake in Wales; of course, there are far too many things to see and do in the country, so rather than try to list them all we will go for a small sample that appeal to the author. But really, the beauty of hiring a campervan and exploring Wales yourself is that you will discover some fantastic spots as part of your journey. We wouldn't want give everything away and ruin the surprise for you!

Nevertheless, here are some ideas of things to do when you visit Wales:

  • Visit Cardiff- The capital city of Wales, and the ninth largest city in the UK, has superb shopping as well as being full of history and sporting venues. It's also close to the rest of the UK and therefore very easily accessible as you come and go across the country in your campervan.
  • Witness the Spectacular Welsh Castles – Wales is spoilt when it comes to castles, boasting some of the most impressive in world. These relics of the country's turbulent past (there are well over 500, which is more than any other European country) are also often located in the most scenically beautiful regions – Conway Castle in North Wales is just one impressive example, and is considered one of the finest medieval castles in the world. We could go on and on, but really you'll just have to hit the road and visit these great castles yourself!
  • Walk the Wales Coast Path – Wales is full of great hikes, and the recently opened Wales Coast Path is an uninterrupted route across the magnificent national coastline.
  • Visit Snowdonia National Park – Although Wales has plenty of National Parks (such as the Brecon Beacons or the Pembrokshire Coast National Park), Snowdonia is unashamedly the author's favourite. This is mainly due to the outstanding mountains, lakes and forests, wonderfully unpredictable weather and the fact that, like all national parks in the UK, you can camp for free. So, take the author's advice and make Snowdonia National Park your top destination in Wales to soak up the scenery!
  • Take In the Beaches – It's a well kept secret that Wales contains some of the most spectacular beaches in the UK. There's everything from the traditional sandy resorts of the North to the more rugged, wild and cliff-framed beaches of the South. Indeed, Wales has over 100 beaches across its 750 miles of coastline, and 43 of those beaches are Blue Flag award winners (this organisation rates exceptional beaches across the world for criteria such as water quality, safety and so on).
  • Do an Adventurous Activity – Wales is great for anything adventurous, and the shall we say wet climate makes it perfect for activities such as caving, cliff jumping, Canyoning and so on. Call of the Wild Wales ( in the heart of the Brecon Beacons are a great company if you're looking for some pretty extreme fun!
  • Experience the Culture – Wales is full to bursting with culture, and there are so many museums, galleries, concerts and events on that you're certain to find something whatever time of year you visit. For example, the National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon houses a veritable embarrassment of riches from the time that Caerleon was one of only three permanent Roman fortresses in Britain, and the last line of defence against the most northern reaches of the empire.


Wales is spectacular place to visit, and when we make campervan hire Wales so easy you've got no excuse not to hire a vehicle and head over there. Although we no not have any suppliers within Wales, the country is so close to the rest of the UK that we suggest you pick a nearby location, or more commonly the airport that you will be landing at, and organise your collection from there. Then hit the road in your campervan and experience everything Wales has to offer!

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