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Compare Campervan Hire makes comparing the prices for campervans and motorhomes easy.

How To Compare

To compare prices, simply use the comparison box above. All you need to do is to enter your pick up and drop off location, the dates you want to hire the motorhome for and your age – our sophisticated comparison software does the rest! We allow you to compare from a wide range of campervan and motorhome providers across the UK, which helps you to save on the cost of campervan hire UK.

The Campervan Overview

Once you have entered these details, hit submit and you will be taken to a page showing prices and information about the all the campervans and motorhomes available in the locations you picked. This page shows an overview of each motorhome, however you can easily alter your searches by updating your dates or by changing your drop off and pick up locations. The ability to compare multiple campervans and motorhomes from various providers across the United Kingdom is a unique feature of our website, and saves you from having to manually check the many hundreds of providers across the country.

Details on Each Vehicle

On the main details page you will see a great deal of information about each vehicle, which includes details about facilities like showers, refrigerators and ovens, the age of the vehicle, the gearbox type (automatic or manual), the fuel type and so on. If you require even more information, simply click on the 'View Full Specs' button and you will be brought to a page which shows full details on the motorhome. This includes everything from the layout and internal pictures of the motorhome, to information about the heating, any included maps, air conditioning, information about bike racks, whether the motorhome is pet friendly, the availability of television and DVD players, and much much more. It is a good idea to scan through this high detail section before you book so you can be completely clear about the features of the motorhome that you will be hiring. At we like to be transparent and to give you as much information about the vehicle that you are looking to hire as possible. Ultimately, all the providers that we use are reputable and trusted partners and offer vehicles with the highest level of facilities.

Optional Extras

A further benefit of choosing your campervan or motorhome with is that we let you add optional extras to your booking. This lets you customize your motorhome around the holiday you are looking to have, with options for adding additional drivers, bedding packs for one or more people, GPS, windscreen cover, extra insurance cover and so on. Different providers will offer different types of extras, so it's important to check all this information as your decision may be swung by some of the extras on offer. When browsing the optional extras you can often read more about each item by hovering or clicking on the 'info' button; a small window will pop up and will explain more about each option. Ultimately, of course, having this information available upfront will also let you save money on your holiday as you could choose to bring some extras like bedding and GPS devices with you, meaning you can take out the cheapest motorhome rental package.

Making Things Easier

To make comparing between a large range of campervans and motorhomes easier, we have provided an 'email' and a 'shortlist' button next to the motorhome name. If you click on the 'email' button you can email the vehicle details to yourself and to a friend, which helps if you are part of a family, for example, and are making a combined decision about which vehicle to rent. Note that details on are subject to change based on availability and dates, so please come back to the site from time to time to check that the price has not changed before you book. Shortlisting your motorhomes is another way of keeping track of the motorhomes you wish to pick from. If you click the 'shortlist' button your campervan is added to the shortlist at the top of the page. Just click on this button at anytime to view a list of all the campervans that you have shortlisted in one easy place. You can also remove motorhomes on this page by clicking the '- Shortlist' button on the right hand side by each campervan. Shortlisting campervans is most useful if you have a large number of vehicles to choose from, or if you are not certain about which location you will be hiring or dropping the vehicle off at.

Read Reviews First

One other section that is worth mentioning is the reviews button. This is found on the overview page, just under the vehicle name. Here, in the form of a star rating, we show a brief rating of each provider that you can choose from, as well as the number of reviews. It is certainly worth taking a look at this section as price may not always be the deciding factor when comparing campervans and motorhomes for your holiday.

When you're ready to book

Once you have made your selection, we also provide a full and secure booking system within the site; this is a relatively unique feature of, as most other motorhome and campervan providers only let you complete an enquiry form, with the prices shown only being indicative of what you may end up paying. You would then typically be contacted by the providers with a range of quotes which of course often expire, are dependent on availability and so on. With however, the prices you see are the prices that you will pay, and the comparison feature means you can ensure that you really are getting the best possible deal out of a range of providers. Of course, the fact that you can then go on to actually book campervans and motorhomes through the site rather than sifting through a collection of quotes makes things far easier too!

Why is my age required?

We do require you to enter the driver's age; this is important because some motorhomes cannot be rented to drivers under 21 years of age. Note that this refers to the main driver only, so don't worry if you are driving with passengers who are under this age – you only need to specify the main driver.

Easy to use

We hope that is easy to use and helps you save time and money when comparing between campervan and motorhomes in the UK. If you have any suggestions or improvements then please get in touch at admin [at]

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