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Campervan Hire Scotland

Welcome to, your one stop shop for campervan hire across the UK, which of course includes Scotland. Scotland is one of our most popular locations to hire a campervan, and we've got a number of great spots where you can pick up and drop off your vehicle.

Why Hire A Campervan In Scotland?

Scotland is a wonderful place to hire a campervan, mainly because it has such an abundance of natural scenery and culture. You can visit the famous cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, with all the art, architecture, shopping, food, drink and nights out that entails. And then, when you fancy a change of scenery, you can hop into your campervan and create unforgettable memories in the lochs, national parks, highlands and islands of the country, which easily rank amongst some of the most beautiful places in the UK. And wherever you go, you'll never be far from a Scottish whisky distillery, which have fantastic tours and as well as letting you try and buy their unique wares!

Travelling across Scotland in a campervan is a popular pursuit for both residents and locals alike, and as a result the country is very well set up for these large vehicles. However, the country is large enough that your holiday will still feel unique, even in the high season. With the ability to travel anywhere within the country, your campervan holiday in Scotland is what you make of it!

Moreover, it is very easy to park your vehicle for the night in Scotland, as there are plentiful national parks and other areas that offer free camping. Moreover, there are numerous campsites with power and other facilities, should you decide to stay somewhere a bit less remote. The Scottish government is also very welcoming to travellers with campervans, as they offer information and routes for campers. For example, check out the National Tourist Routes, which take you off the beaten track and let you experience a more natural side of Scotland – for more information on the National Tourist Routes, click here.

Where Can I hire in Scotland?

We have a large number of pick up and drop off points in Scotland, which can be found in the following locations:

Our Scottish depots mainly revolve around airports, as most international travellers will be flying into and out of Scotland. There are also plenty of hire locations at train and bus terminals too, for those who have flown into different parts of the UK. Transports hubs are some of the best places to hire a campervan, as you do not need to organise expensive and complicated transport to an obscure campervan depot when you arrive in the country; you can simply exit your flight or train and pick your campervan up there and then. And, of course, it's very easy to drop the campervan off in the same place when you leave the country. Moreover, you avoid expensive vehicle relocation fees, as you will almost certainly be leaving from the same airport or train station that you arrived at (however, if you plan to leave from a different part of Scotland, just choose a different drop off location on the search form drop down menu).

Some 'Dont Miss' Locations

Scotland has so many activities and sites that it would be impossible to list them all. Nevertheless, we have included a short list of locations that we think you shouldn't miss; however, never forget that the real beauty of a campervan holiday is the ability to travel where you want and when you want. Found a place that you love? Then stay there longer! Not so keen on a city? Then move on and experience something else!

So here, in no particular order, is our very unofficial list of some of the best things to do in Scotland:

Final Thoughts

Campervan Hire In Scotland is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful, friendly and characterful country. At, we've made hiring and booking a campervan so easy that you really have no excuse; simply start searching now to take your first step towards a campervan holiday in Scotland!

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