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Visit Kent in a Campervan

Kent – The Friendly South-East

Campervan Hire Kent is easy and convenient with - we are the UK's number one campervan comparison website, and will help you to save lots of money on campervan rentals. And with all of Kent and the South East of the UK to explore, why wouldn't you want to hire a campervan to take you round this beautiful part of the country?

Kent is often known as the “garden of England”, because of its abundant orchards, and you will find impressive scenery in abundance. But there's much more to Kent than just nature; Kent, as one of the so called 'home counties' (counties that border London) is a wealthy, gregarious, traditional and throughly English part of the nation. Kent is a great place for foreign visitors to experience a more authentic side of England, away from glitzy London and other tourist sites.

Why Visit Kent?

Kent is a lovely place to hire a campervan, as it is full of both beautiful natural scenery as well as traditional English culture. It is geographically close to London yet also totally different and more accessible; you can walk in apple orchards and take in beautiful castles, with an overwhelming feeling that you are somehow far from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Because there are so many things that you could do in Kent, we could not possibly list them all. Therefore, we will present a little list of a few of the top attractions. This list is by no means exhaustive and just represents a snapshot of some of the author's favourite things to do in the county:

  • Visit Canterbury – no trip to Kent is complete without a visit to the famous and spectacular city of Canterbury, the home of English Christianity and much of modern Protestant Christian religion. Canterbury is justifiably famous for the spectacular Canterbury Cathedral, which is the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Anglican church. Canterbury's association with Christianity stretches well over a thousand years and much of its past wealth came from its role as a popular pilgrimage site. Indeed, it is still possible to travel the well traced pilgrim routes and experience what it must have been like to be a pilgrim many hundreds of years ago.
  • Explore Kent's castles – Kent is full of attractive and traditionally English castles that are just begging to be explored. Dover Castle is a large and imposing building that was once one of the key defences of realm. It also has a fascinating wartime past with a number of secret tunnels that were build during the Second World War. You could also take a trip to Hever Castle, which is no less impressive; boasting a 700 year old history, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn is a wonderful place to explore with a family and as adults.
  • Walk the White Cliffs of Dover – the White Cliffs of Dover are iconic symbols of British wartime resistance, as it was here that the RAF fought and ultimately prevailed over the German Luftwaffe in the crucial battle for air supremacy in Europe. Full of interesting wartime pillboxes and great views (you can even see France on a good day), the White Cliffs of Dover are a wonderful way to take in some sea air and stretch your legs when in Kent.

Ok, How Does It Work?

Hiring a campervan in Kent couldn't be easier with; simply follow this link to be taken to the search form right at the top of the page. There you quickly input some basic details such as your age, the location you want to hire from, the country you live in and the dates you'd like to hire the campervan. Then when you click or tap the search button, you will be presented with a list of all the vehicles that are available on your chosen dates. The benefits of searching this way are clear; you stand to save a considerable amount of money by comparing providers across the country, ensuring that you get the most competitive deal possible.

Note that you can sort this list by various features, such as engine size, number of people the campervan sleeps, gearbox type and so on. Once you're happy with the campervan you have selected, simply proceed to our secure booking page and reserve the vehicle. It couldn’t be easier!

Please be aware that there are no dedicated sites to pick up your campervan within Kent itself. Most campervan hire locations are based around major airports or train stations, and Kent lacks these facilities. However, Kent is so close to the large transport hubs of London and the South East that you can easily pick up a vehicle from one of these sites and then drive to Kent in no time. Moreover, if you are an international visitor and plan to fly out of the country, then picking up and dropping off your campervan at an airport makes perfect sense, as you stand to avoid any potentially expensive vehicle relocation fees.

What Are The Benefits of Using This Website?

One of the major benefits to using this website over the traditional methods of comparing campervans is the time savings you will make. Before our website came around, you would have to visit a huge range of campervan provider websites, speak to travel agents and spend a lot of time on the phone to get a list of quotes that would give you some indication of the prices available when you came to hire. Many people couldn't be bothered and just booked the first vehicle they came across, which meant they were certainly not comparing the market and seeing if there were savings to be had. Even if you did, with the expenditure of considerable time and effort, procure a list of campervan providers in the region you were interested in, you would then have to trawl through this list to find the best prices. And again, when it came to booking you would need to ring, email or write to your chosen provider to secure the vehicle (and would often face language barriers and time zone differences if you were booking from abroad).

Compare Campervan Hire makes this process so much easier by providing you with a list of trusted suppliers, and then ordering this list by price (or by other features, if you wish). Similarly, booking with our site is much easier as well, as we include a secure booking system that takes online payments, ensuring that you can quickly and safely book online to secure your vehicle.

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