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Edinburgh – Scotland's Capital

Edinburgh, with a population of around half a million people, is the one of the most populous cities in the UK and the second largest city in Scotland. It is also the Scottish capital; indeed, this ancient and beautiful city has been recognised as the capital of Scotland for well over 400 years. This article will take a look at hiring a campervan in Edinburgh, and also give some tips on things you can do in Edinburgh.

How do I hire a campervan in Edinburgh?

Campervan Hire Edinburgh is simple with, the new way to compare campervan hire prices in the UK and internationally. We have combined all the most popular UK campervan rental companies into one place, so you can be assured that when you search for a campervan with our website you will get both the best price and the widest range of options. We offer a large number of hire locations in the UK, including, of course, the lovely city of Edinburgh. Simply choose Edinburgh from the search form drop down menu above, and let our comparison service do all the hard work for you. There's no need to visit loads of websites or call multiple campervan providers – we make searching far easier and quicker, letting you concentrate on planning other aspects of your holiday.

Moreover, you can also securely book through, which again will save you time, as booking, before our site came around, used to be a complicated procedure that involved calling and emailing various providers and hoping the vehicle you had enquired about was still available. Now, with our new website, all the vehicles you see are available in real time, so you can be sure that your campervan you are interested in will be available when you start to make your booking.

We have three locations in which you can hire your campervan in Edinburgh – the airport, the train station and the city itself (this final location encompasses a number of sites across the city). As you've no doubt noticed, this means that you can easily take the train or fly into the city and pick up your campervan shortly after arriving – not only does this save you time, it will also save you money when dropping the vehicle off, as you will avoid any potentially expensive campervan relocation costs.

Why Visit Edinburgh?

There are so many reasons to visit Edinburgh and hire a campervan there, that we couldn't possibly mention everything. Therefore, the following list of things we recommend should be seen as the author's personal favourites; remember, however, that one of the best things about hiring a campervan is that you can stay for as long or short a time in a location as you wish. Therefore, our overall top tip is for you to make your own adventures and take this list as a very rough guide! With no further hesitation then, here are some of the things that make visiting Edinburgh an unforgettable experience:

  • Edinburgh Castle – No visit to Edinburgh is complete without witnessing Edinburgh Castle, and we mean that literally as the castle dominates the skyline across the city and is impossible to miss! This imposing defensive monument is open to the public and is full of surprises and things to do, for both children and adults. Of particular interest is the so called 'One o'clock Gun', which fires at 1pm each and every day, apart from Sundays. Crowds delight in witnessing the roar of the gun remind everyone of Edinburgh Castle's previously important military role.
  • Experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Ok, this is only something to do if you happen to be in the city from around the 7th August to the 31st, but if you are anywhere in Scotland (or indeed the UK – perhaps anywhere in the world...) you should immediately change your plans to experience the Fringe Festival. No city comes to life in the summer quite like Edinburgh at the time of the Fringe, and the plethora of acts, live music, comedy, films and other events fill the city with a kind of infectious joy. Try to stop yourself from racing from one act to another across the city, all whilst meeting a wonderful group of likeminded people – we dare you!
  • Take a trip to the Highlands – Edinburgh is not too far from the national parks and unrivalled beauty of the Scottish Highlands, so make use of that campervan you have just hired and go and visit this stunning part of the world! There are plentiful sites for you to park your campervan, many of which come with electric power, on-site pubs, showers and other amenities, so you can enjoy hikes and drives during the day, whilst relaxing in relative comfort in the evening.

The Culture Of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is well known as a leading city in fields such as higher education, banking, law, engineering, medicine, science and politics. Due to a number of significant festivals and a strong tourist focus, the city is now the second most visited city in the UK after London, which in itself is a remarkable achievement. As a city, Edinburgh is defined by a large proportion of young people relative to other cities in the UK, and a very strong economy that is only comparable to London. There are more individuals with a university degree in Edinburgh than any other city in the UK. Overall then, it is a professional, successful and wealthy city and has been for a long time – remember that Edinburgh was the city where the telephone and modern cloning were first pioneered, as well as containing most of Scotland's historic banking and legal organisations.


Edinburgh makes a brilliant place to visit, and with our new campervan comparison service it couldn't be easier to hire a campervan in the city. You're sure to see plenty of culture whatever time you visit, but Edinburgh in the summer is defined by the outstanding Fringe festival. Moreover, one of the great benefits of the city is the nearby Scottish Highlands, which represent the perfect excuse to explore the great outdoors and use your new campervan for what it was truly designed for!

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