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This page shows all the blog articles that can be found on the website. As the site is new, please bear with us as this page will continue to be populated as we write new blog articles - for example this article on wedding campervan hire. Eventually there will be a list of summarized posts that you will be able to click on to reach the main article. For now we will show the first blog article only, which contains information about why the website was set up.

The background

This first blog post goes into the history of why was set up and some of the reasoning behind it.

How the idea was born

This website was set up because the author noticed that there was a gap in the market for a dedicated camper van and motorhome comparison service in the UK. Renting campervans and motorhomes for holidays and leisure purposes is a growing trend across the world and especially in the UK, yet in the UK the actual process of hiring these motorhomes has, up till the introduction of this website, been laborious and cumbersome. This is because the consumer must contact each motorhome provider separately, which is of course very time consuming and does not allow for quick and easy comparisons. Even worse, providers are not clearly listed by geographic area, meaning that the potential hirer must research areas of the UK to find the correct provider in the location they are searching for. There is a strong risk that they may get this wrong if they are unfamiliar with the geography and counties of the UK (as, of course, many overseas visitors are) meaning that they might book a vehicle in the wrong area – for example picking Newcastle in Wales as opposed to Newcastle in the North East.

Helping You To Compare

Furthermore, even when each provider has been contacted, the consumer must compare the myriad options and prices manually, as there is no centralized way of sorting the vehicles by price, by feature, by number of berths and so on. The quotes and information given by the existing providers are also not 'live', so can be subject to change especially when they get busy and motorhomes become scarce. Existing providers also generally do not update their websites or show current information, which means that the user must simply fill out a contact form to get details about the campervans and motorhomes on offer, without any clear idea of which vehicles are available at any given time. Therefore, once each of the providers has individually replied and got back to the hirer, there is a strong risk that the information may be out of date and the potential customer is simply comparing old and now inaccurate data.

Therefore, it seemed that offering a service that allowed live comparisons, that let users filter and sort the results and that provided information about the motorhomes all in one place would be very useful and would encourage people to take campervan and motorhome holidays in the UK.

Our Online Booking System

An additional problem with the existing campervan and motorhome hire companies was they they often did not actually let the consumer book online. This was mainly because they did not incorporate the technology to allow secure shopping carts, payment systems and so on on. Therefore, even when you were ready to book, you would need to contact the individual providers (often by email or telephone) which was never easy when hirers were in different countries and timezones. In comparison, offers a secure and integrated payment system that lets the website operate as a 'one stop shop' for comparing and hiring campervans in the UK.

Mobile Responsive From The Start

The author of this website also noticed that many of the existing providers had old and out of date websites that did not adequately work on more modern devices. The international traveller is increasingly able to access the internet on smartphone, tablets and other devices, rather than only through desktops. These mobile devices let, for example, an American customer book a UK motorhome from a Parisian hotel on their tablet, as they continue their travels around Europe. However, many of the existing websites have not been designed to work on mobile devices and do not scale properly, or simply contain features that are not visible on smaller screens. Moreover, the sites are frequently out of date and contain features that are broken or incomplete, which of course leads to an unpleasant and confusing experience, not to mention removing trust in the booking process.

Therefore, the author noticed that there was a market for a modern website that would work on varying screen sizes, and which also had advanced features that were regularly updated and did not break! Most importantly as a web developer skilled in creating modern websites, the author was clear that when the site was being made it must work on all types of devices. Try it - if you resize the window of your computer, or indeed if you are viewing this site on a tablet or mobile phone, you will see that it resizes perfectly to display on whatever device you are using, a feature which will become increasingly useful to the modern day holidaymaker.

Visuals Are Important Too!

One further reason that this website was made was that, hopefully, it employs a more visually pleasing design than many other sites that offer campervan and motorhome rentals. The idea is that the pleasant fonts and large, colourful images will inspire people to look forward to their motorhome holiday in the UK! This also leads into the final reason for making the website; the author hopes that features, modern design and blog posts encourage people to book campervans and motorhomes in the UK, which help both the rental industry and tourism in general in the country. The more people who get to experience the wonderful landscapes, cultures and cities of the UK the better!

We hope you like the design and the theory behind this website. If you have any comments about the site or have any improvements that you'd like to suggest then, as ever, please get in touch at admin [at]

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